Quartets -
If you wish to hire a particular quartet contact them directly. If they can't fill your request or you don't have a quartet preference contact our quartet coordinator John Fleming at (352) 430-1445 or email John at: john@w3gqj.net.

The Four Sharps

Tenor - Joe Pfeifer 
Lead - Rich Casanzio 
Baritone - Don Barnes 
Bass - Jim Castanien 

Phone: (352) 751-2415

Quartet Bio:
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So Far So Good

Tenor - Gerry LaDue 
Lead - Dave Kirkpatrick 
Baritone - Dick Fischer 
Bass - Gerry Weisenreder 

Phone: (352) 669-1713

The Sun Chords

Tenor - Lee Shawcross 
Lead - John Fleming 
Baritone - Joe Burns 
Bass - Dick Gordon 

Phone: (352) 259-8732
e-mail: joeburns5@embarqmail.com
The Heart of Florida Barbershop Chorus!
Central Florida Chapter, P-049 - Barbershop Harmony Society

Tenor - Lee Shawcross
Lead - Willie Williams
Baritone - Ken Wantuck
Bass - Brent Bierma

Phone: (352) 750-2272
email: brentsings@embarqmail.com

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